Make an Impact

At Missio Invest, we depend on a committed and visionary group of investors and supporters to create a powerful, sustainable impact in communities. Here are some ways to get involved.

Join Our Changemaker’s Circle

To continue to provide our investees with high-touch guidance from our teams of professional partners, Missio Invest relies on support from the Missio Invest Changemaker’s Circle, mission-driven partners who share our vision and take part in the impact through monthly, quarterly or annual gifts. As a member of the Changemaker’s Circle, you can help our investees build sustainable change in their communities for years to come.

Fund Our Changemaker Program

Donations are a vital way of providing the technical and professional assistance that makes it possible for our loan recipients to grow their businesses using sound practices. From implementing conservation and sustainable practices to organic farming and women’s empowerment, our contribution can make the difference.

Become an Advocate

Influencers and teachers, journalists and catechists, Church members and activists, volunteers and enthusiasts: if you believe in a healthier planet and an economy that works for the common good, we invite you to join us in spreading the word. You can follow us on social media and amplify the message of Missio Invest.

Invest with Missio Invest

The patient capital that provides loans to Church institutions and entrepreneurs comes from foundations and institutional investors. Our blended capital structure includes senior debt, subordinated debt, and catalytic equity, with tiers for different term, return and risk profiles.

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